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Using Coveritlive to Vidiprint Live

As one of the BIGGEST Coveritlive fans out there, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I’ve used Coveritlive to hold snow lessons, host visits from experts, interview characters from books and even watch important sporting moments together. However, I have always see much more potential with Coveritlive. The one way I have really wanted to use Coveritlive was during a sporting competition at school. Most parents never get to come along to a sporting event as work commitments get in the way. Using Coveritlive to report live from an event is powerful stuff. Imagine a parent who sends their child to school knowing their child will be taking part in the biggest sporting event of their child’s life so far. If, as a parent, you can’t be there this is possibly the next best thing:

This took about 1 minute to set up on Coveritlive, 1 minute to embed on Class 2’s blog and was all done on an iPhone with 1 bar of a non-3G signal. It wasn’t just parents that were able to watch the updates, listen to interviews and enjoy some pictures form the event live as they took place but he other children in the class who had not been selected to play were following back from the classroom.

Simple, effective, cheap and powerful!

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