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Tim Rylands – His coffee drinking exploits!

Whilst chatting on Twitter today, I mentioned a little tip that I picked up listening to Tim Rylands present at BMobLE in 2010.

Approached from his left, Tim took the Starbucks cup from Sarah’s hand, politely nodded and with a brief exchange of smiles Tim moved back to the centre of his stage. Tim wanted to find out more about the experiences from his captive audience and asked for some examples. Thirsty from his energetic style, Tim began to gently sip but kept absolute eye contact with the audience member. Continuing to sip from his coffee and nodding inquisitively Tim allowed the gentleman to expand and explore his own ideas for about 1 minute. Tim’s lips and his Starbucks coffee parted and the presentation and discussion moved on.

It was only a good 5 minutes after this, Tim turned his coffee upside down to reveal an empty and dry container. Tim explained how he kept positive eye contact and body language with the gentleman to allow time and opportunity for the gentleman to explore and elaborate on his own ideas without a single prompt from Tim.

It was a joy to watch and 140 characters would not have done Tim justice!

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