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The World Cup, an MG and the Embassy!

Last week was one of the most rewarding weeks of my professional career! What topped it off was the arrival of the German Embassy in London on our Germany World Cup Blog.

Blog the World Cup

I can’t say enough what a fantastic job Peter Ford and John Sutton have done in getting te Blog the World Cup project up and running. Their enthusiasm and dedication to all the people involved has been ‘Award Winning!’ I thank both you you!

Post SATs mean’t that my role would change from heavily supporting Year 6 to supporting Year 5 in their preparation for Year 6. I had got the Year 6 blogging mad and just when I needed a project to get the Year 5’s fired up about blogging, along came Blog the World Cup!

As soon as I found out the we would be blogging about Germany, I knew I had contacts!

The MG

Some of you may know that I’m a HUGE car fan! I run a club called North West Roadsters and although I don’t have an MG now, I used to. During my MG years I virtually met many people from all over the world. One of which was Stephan Herbert – An MGF owner from Germany. He had been over to the UK many times to attend MG events and is a great English speaker too!

‘Herbie’ as he is known was my first port of call! If anyone knew good contacts in Germany then he would. My Facebook page is littered with conversations that we have had over the last 2 weeks, he has been instrumental in the success of our Germany Blog. When Peter Ford set the challenge to get an Embassy on to one of the World Cup Blogs, I immediately contacted Herbie to see if he could help. Each link he sent me was a translated site so that I could understand it! I can’t thank Herbie enough for his help with this project! Many of the German visitors have been directed from German MG forums where no doubt he has been advertising our blog!

The Embassy

It only took 2 days from Peter Ford challenging us all to get a comment from an Embassy, for it to arrive on our blog and WOW, what a comment it was too! I have pasted it below so you can read it for yourselves:

Dear pupils of Year 5 Heathfield Primary School,

What a great blog, and thank you for your interest in the German footballteam. They have started the World Cup quite well, but let’s see what happens next.

I was eight years old when England won the World Cup against Germany with the (in)famous Wembley goal in1966. All boys in my neighbourhood were so thrilled by the match that we started playing football and joining our local club virtually from the very next day. It was a great time. I played number 9 which was Uwe Seeler from my hometown Hamburg. Four years later, he scored the incredible equalizer against England in Mexiko with a backheader.

Sorry, this is all so long ago!

I placed my comment in this section because I wanted to share with you two famous sayings by Germany’s first national coach Sepp Herberger:

The first one is: Der Ball ist rund, which means “The ball is round”, no real news, you would say, but what he really meant to say was this: In football, anything can happen.

The second is: Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel, meaning: “After the match is before the match”. By that he meant to say: Dont get stuck on yesterday’s success, there is a new match to come on which to focus.

Best wishes to all of you, and to England of course.

And please visit our website with lots of games, competitions and information on Germany and the German language.

Cheers to all

Cord Meier-Klodt
Head of Culture and Education
German Embassy London

Without ths blog, how on earth would we have been able to experiene something as special as that! Our Year 5 have only heard that an Embassy exists through Jmes Bond films so who was I to disappoint! I told them tht he would be wearing a Tuxedo and would be served by a butler! (That’s not bad is it?)

What I needed wa a project that would enthuse our Year 5 pupils and boy…did we get what I asked for!


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  1. Claire Cheeseman
    June 21, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    I have to say I totally applaud the organisers of blog the world cup also! Thanks for putting into words what most of us think. They have done an exceptional job setting up, organising and running a complex set of blogs. My class in particular are loving seeing other blogs and commenting and also adore the predictions table. An awesome job by all involved.


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