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The Evolution of Blogging…

It was not in my plan to give pupils a blog each neither give pupils responsibility for a blog but something happened last week that made me change my mind! The pupils forced this upon me!

Some pupils had inquired about having their own blog but I had explained that I ideally wanted content in one place, as a result, I could keep a close eye on things and be able to approve comments or approve post quickly. However, I completely underestimated my pupils. I became aware that a few of my pupils had done it themselves, they had created their own WordPress blogs and were beginning to create their own content. This immediately forced my hand and how glad am I that it did?

Just look at what (in only 5 days) has been achieved by Fern. She wanted to create a blog to host her story in which her audience would decide the direction of her story through voting for what should happen next. To view her blog please visit here. One development that has been REALLY exciting with Fern’s blog was when we found that PollDaddy allowed you to add audio into the polls and not just written text. Please see an example of this here

Raja has begun using a completely different theme (CommentPress) to publish his new book. CommentPress is a theme that allows an audience to comment on a specific part of his writing. It has a distinct feel of a book and Raja is thoroughly enjoying writing. In fact this was no more evident than after a full morning of writing SATs, he approached me whilst on his way outside for lunchtime and asked “Can I go in the ICT Suite and work on my book?” There’s something just ‘right’ about that! Please see Raja’s Blog here.

Not to be overshadowed, John and Matthew approached me yesterday with an idea. They persuaded me to allow them to have a football related blog. They will be asking their audience to vote on one team from a Football League, as a result, John and Matthew will research and produce a fact file about the winning team and will post club news for 2-3 days before another poll is launched including teams from another league. You can see the beginnings of this blog here.

These developments over the last few days have demonstrated to me that having an open mind, being flexible and listening to the pupil voice, you can evolve the tools you have available to enable deeper learning to occur.

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  1. Felix Grant
    August 4, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    Great stuff! 🙂

    Just what I need to show my B.Eds

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