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TeachMeet Yorkshire/Humberside – 26th March 2010

Many of you who follow me on Twitter or visit this blog regularly will know that I am a huge fan of’ ‘Coveritlive‘ software. This software enables you to embed a window of tools that allows you to run an online session with children. You can show children: videos, links, polls, sounds, pictures, UStream video streams and many more things.

Heathfield Primary in Bolton where I am Deputy Headteacher has received quite a bit of positive press about how we use this in our teaching. I am one of the presenters at TeachMeet YH 2010 in Doncaster on 26th March 2010 and as far as I’m aware, my Year 6 pupils will be the first pupils to be involved in a presentation at a TeachMeet!

Pupils will be joining me on stage ‘virtually’ through the school blog and through Coveritlive. I only have 7 minutes to showcase what Coveritlive can offer so it will prove to be a tricky task! the pupils are really looking forward to it and I’m in no doubt they will do the school proud! If you want to keep track of events ‘live’ I have added the Coveritlive coding to this blog post enabling you to watch the session as it happens from 7:15pm tonight GMT.


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