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Talk about it first… Write about it later.

Most of you reading this know what I’m about – Exposing pupils to global audience about sums me up. I’m pretty predictable, annoy many people with predictable tweets and speak exclusively about this subject at conferences. I’m convincing myself that I am a one trick pony here but to tell you the truth, I don’t care! I’m just going to keep on spouting the same words that GIVING YOUR PUPILS A GLOBAL AUDIENCE WORKS! It would have worked for me when I was at school and I have not met one pupil who doesn’t feel completely normal sharing their learning with the world.

Meet Alexander… Some of you will know Alexander from his class blog here or even from the well done blog here. Alex is a sensational talker, I love it when he comes and talks to me. He communicates above his years and his general knowledge is WAY above his years! When I audioboo’d Alexander on the well done blog, his eyes lit up, he knew who he was speaking to in a way that was different to when he was writing on the blog. With this in mind, I’m trying something out with Alexander (Xander to his friends and family.)

My cunning plan (which I’m sharing as I’d like you to see how it develops realtime) is to give Xander a platform for his voice – literally! This is not anything new, any teacher worth their salt knows how important talking in relation to writing is. I’m just trying the digital version incorporating my usual schpeel about audience. I’ve set him up a new blog called Xander’s World. This is his space where he will be challenging his audience to challenge him to speak about a subject – It can be absolutely anything. Xander will read the comments, choose which challenge to take up, head off and do some research and the outcome will be an informal Audioboo in Xander’s style. Eventually, Xander’s thoughts and ideas will stretch beyond this one dimensional approach, he’ll want to share ideas, diagrams, pictures and yes… eventually his writing.

I can’t wait to see how this develops. He’s a superstar – Follow Xander’s World and find out for yourself and see an oasis of wonderful learning unfold before your eyes!

December 13, 2011

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