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Refreshed, Revitalised and Raring to go!

It seems like I have had the longest summer break from school since I started teaching. Four weeks in the sun with ‘most’ mobile devices switched off has done me the world of good! You just can’t beat quality time with the people that mean the most to you. I’ve been back in the country a little over 24 hours now and am REALLY looking forward to getting back into school to start the new school year. However, I’m full of doubts!

Can I get back into that ‘zone’ I was in 6 weeks ago?
Do I still have the tools to enthuse pupils like I did last year?
Am I good enough for what Heathfield will need during this next year?

We all have doubts before we go back to school and I have the experience behind me to know that after just 1 hour back in school I won’t even be thinking about those questions and it will be like I have never been away!

Bring it on!

September 5, 2010

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