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Predictions for 2010.

After my recent thoughts on 2009, my thoughts turn to 2010. None of us know what 2010 will bring so I just thought I might share some personal and professional predictions and thoughts.

I hope to see the school blogging site go from strength to strength and by the end of the year each class to at least have made a start. I hope that the children at Heathfield will get the ‘bug’ and feel ownership over their blogs. I have created this blog to satisfy my curiosity about blogging. If I hadn’t have done I would have certainly taken over the Year 6 blog resulting in my ownership and the almost inevitable failure of that particular blog.

Heathfield Primary are embarking on this blogging journey for the children and the children alone and the success of such a project is difficult to measure. Some indicators of success that I would hope to see would be:

– Higher search listings for the school.
– Class blogs being listed in educational searches.
– Comments/feedback being left from children and adults from all over
the globe.
– A visible increase in confidence in the children at Heathfield.
– An increased positive attitude to the learning not only of children but
adults in the school too.

2010 could see the next OFSTED inspection. After spending only 4 months at Heathfield I am really impressed with the school! The pupils are delightful and the staff are ALL really supportive and want only what is best for the children. I have no fear of our next OFSTED inspection, the results show an upward trend for the last 3 years but to increase this even further projects like blogging will help raise standards! If we do what we always have done, we will get what we have always got!!

2010 will bring inevitable problems, whatever these may turn out to be the Heathfield ‘Team’ will pull together and work as hard as it takes to sort any issues out. After being their only 4 months – I know that!

2010 will also see the 210th place taken at Heathfield Primary School. We have been waiting for our final pupil to enter school for a few weeks now!

I hope to see Web 2.0 technologies enter the classrooms at Heathfield. I am currently experimenting with many but I will put forward some kind of action plan that will see these brilliant technologies support learning at Heathfield.

2010 will be an extremely important year in terms of striking up partnerships with other school locally, nationally and internationally. Our new Video Conferencing (VC) project may well play a big part in that. I have already made many connections with other teachers/leaders all over the world through Twitter and this blog. Twitter will help develop a Gifted and Talented writing project between Heathfield and another school. I am very excited about all the Web 2.0 opportunities out there and many of my blog posts will be about them! The class blogs will be a showcase for such activities.

Looking further into the future is just too much! Things change so quickly in education and technology. Possible spending cuts may well slow ICT progress down in the coming years, however, in my opinion will enable schools to get the best out of what they have already and embed good practice. Hopefully, we will get a couple more years of investing in ICT!


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  1. headteacher
    December 31, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

    Great work! The Heathfield team spirit will be the catalyst for a lot of exciting work this year! The Heathfield children will drive forward the inituatives. Let’s hope we can keep up with them!

  2. Buzz Garwood
    January 3, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    I know what you mean when you call it a “blogging journey.” I began my own journey over a year ago, and this is the second year I have helped my own sixth grade students to begin their own. I will definately visit your blog. It looks good. I also spend my days teaching and many evenings searching the blogosphere for good technology ideas to use in my teaching.

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