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Off to a flyer…

Just when I doubted whether I could generate the learning environment of last year with our brilliant Year 6 (now gone!) You guys come to my rescue! I had a thought this morning that it would be lovely for the new Year 6 to know a little bit more about their audience, the people they will be showing their learning off to throughout 2010-2011. I wanted a very simple and quick resource/platform for this and Wallwisher sprung to mind.

A simple post it wall that took 2 minutes to set up and embed. I asked on Twitter for people to spare one minute and add a sticky about who/where they were and throughout the day, we have had 46 people telling us who they were, where they were and how excited they are to see the blog develop over the year! How GREAT is that? Even though Wallwisher was down for most of the day and night (and still is having issues!) you got around it by leaving comments on the actual post. Here is the Wallwisher:

Here are the comments from the post:

What a great group of people I have in my PLN! How fantastic will Year 6 feel reading through this tomorrow? I thank each and every one of you! You have really focussed me and got me buzzing again! If you would like to join in, please visit our Year 6 blog here

Year 6 Blog

Thank you!

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