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Try the following with a small group of pupils that don’t have a good grasp of multiplication facts.

Take a blog, a Google Spreadsheet, some pupils who don’t have a huge grasp of multiplication facts and timer. Ask each child to give themselves a football style team name and explain how the league points are awarded.

1 point for turning up
3 points for beating your previous time
1 point for equalling your previous time
A bonus 5 points for beating a target set by the teacher

Here’s how it works:

Tell the pupils that they will be timed on how quickly they can recall their 6 times table facts (You choose which one). Most of them won’t do very much preparation but you might be lucky to have a few that do. During your Maths lesson, ask each child in turn to come and recite the 6 times table. Record each time in a Google Spreadsheet that is embedded on your blog. For the first time you do this all pupils will just get 1 point. Set each child a target that is roughly 10% quicker and record this in a column next to their name.

Ideally, give the pupils days notice before you try this again. This time, remind them of their time they got last time and also their target. Apply the points to the result they got, this will ensure that it is not the quickest times that get rewarded but indeed it will be the improving children that are rewarded with the most points. Keep the spreadsheet up to date and it will look like these here:

Taken from THIS blog of mine:

Not only will you see engagement on the increase but you WILL see the times reduce.

If you want support embedding a Google Spreadsheet into a blog please take a look through this presentation:

November 18, 2012


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