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NAACE Impact Award 2011

I was blown away when a member of my PLN nominated me for the NAACE ICT Impact Award. Here are the words from their nomination:

David introduced blogging to his school in Autumn 2009. From humble beginnings, the blogs of Heathfield have burgeoned into, what is now, nothing short of an international phenomenon. The school’s blog can be seen here:  David can be heard talking about blogging and explaining some of the technicalities here: David is passionate about the impact that this writing for a purpose has had on the learners at Heathfield. He describes children with tears in their eyes reading comments from adults the world over on *their* writing. He describes with excitement the way the impact has rippled throughout the school. He gathers hits, comments and feedback by constantly promoting the learning of his pupils through Twitter and his own blog. They have even had comments by the German embassy itself on their ‘Germany’ World Cup blog. David is not satisfied with the impact being felt solely by learners at Heathfield. He is relentless in his evangelising and continuing to spread the word, sweeping other teachers along with his infectious enthusiasm (teachers from across the globe). He does this through all means he has available – conferences, teachmeets, his blog, Twitter, Vital teachshares, UKEdchat etc. This is a man who can see a difference being made to learner outcomes and will not settle until the widest possible audience has been reached.

After being nominated, I was asked to submit further details and then just after Christmas, I was notified that I had made the final 3 for the Primary category. At this point, I was asked to produce a 3 minute video about the work highlighted in the nomination. After crowd sourcing ideas through Twitter, I accepted many ideas and also the help of Peter Ford. He set up an IMPACT blog to record comments and views from my network through a new blog that allowed video comments. Please take a look at the IMPACT blog here:


I would like to thank all those that left comments on that blog from the bottom of my heart! I was truly humbled and moved! I was even more humbled when Peter came up from Nottingham for the day to record some video for the 3 minute video to submit in support of my nomination. The pupils were fantastic, Peter was an INSPIRATION and here is the final video:

So, I can hold my hand on my heart and repeat something that I said to the person who nominated me. That nomination brought a tear to me eye. I’m heading down to the NAACE Gala Dinner on the 16th March to clap the winners announced. I honestly don’t mind what happens now, I respect and look up to the person that nominated me so much that I feel very proud and honoured to have been chosen by that person to be nominated.


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