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My Little Year 6 ICT Survey

After listening to Prof. Stephen Heppell back in July 09, I tried this survey to find out what kind of ICT profile I had in my Year 6 class. The survey was carried out with children’s heads down on desks. When children were asked a question they had to raise their hand so only I could see it. Not extremely scientific but made them feel comfortable enough to be honest! Some interesting results!!

The number of children surveyed was 30.

29 children have a computer at home.
9 children use the computer about once a week.
13 children use the computer each day.
Pupil computer usage:
1-30 mins = 9 children,
31-60mins = 12 children,
1-2hours = 4 children,
2-4hours = 3 children.

21 children use social networking and 4 children’s parents help setup their account.
9 children have a computer in their bedroom and 6 of which have webcams on them.
18 children know that their parents check their internet history.
28 children know how to delete their internet history.
18 children have buddies in MSN.
5 children have buddies they have never met or they don’t know who they are.
15 children have admitted to seeing things on the internet they know they shouldn’t have seen.

Before posting the next two results, I would just like to say that our toilets in school are quite good compared to many others I have seen!

22 children avoid going to the toilet whilst at school.
15 children drink less water on purpose to make sure they don’t need to go to the toilet.


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