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My dream is nearly a reality…

As someone who really struggled at school with English, the last thing I ever thought I’d be doing is teaching it, I guess it comes more of a shock that the ideas I come up with inspire people to teach it better. Since becoming a teacher, English has become a passion. I dream about ideas, music, blogs, projects, film settings and how these can be used to excite pupils. I fervently believe that once you have your learners hooked, they will do anything within lessons – for in that moment, they are YOURS, like warmed up putty ready to be moulded by a master.

Since blogging, things have gone very well personally for me. I am in a place where my Governors allow me to take leave to pursue this passion and as June 27th creeps ever so closer, I find myself unable to contain the excitement that I’ll be co-hosting a conference with (I can hardly type this) none other than Pie Corbett.

The conference is a match made in heaven! Pie is the best presenter of inspired English I have ever seen. Watching him in front of a whiteboard armed with a pen is like watching a master craftsman take to a lump of wood with a chisel! AND I’m getting to share a stage with him presenting a course run by the National Literacy Trust called ‘Improving reading and writing through ICT‘. I don’t know if I am more honoured or more excited at the prospect. Pie’s passion for English and my passion for audience is just the dream team. If you are based in or around London and can get into the centre of London on the 27th June, this course will inspire you!

I know a few of the many people that have booked so far, the atmosphere will be electric and what we have in store for you is a treat! If you don’t fancy it, there will be someone in your school that will!

For more details about this course – click here.

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  1. Paddy O'Dea
    May 30, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    I love what you are doing with young bloggers in the UK and across the world. When we first heard about what you were doing and I mentioned it in my e-newsletter to Learning Exchange members, we had several enquiries about it later on when people had ditched our email but remembered your blogging activities with kids. I can’t go to the National Literacy Trust conference, but will be keeping an eye on it – and I guess you’ll be blogging about it, so I’ll be back!
    All the best, keep inspiring and being inspired. Paddy

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