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My day with Russell Prue!

On Friday 25th May 2011 I was lucky enough to have entertained Russell Prue and his Anderton Tiger Radio Road show at Heathfield Primary School. The aim of the day was to prepare and hold a ‘Live’ radio show from 2pm – 3pm that day which would champion the impact of blogging at HeathfieldCPS. When I first heard about Radio in school, I immediately thought that this was possibly outdated.


Russell brought in his equipment, I was already picking my jaw up from the floor! Double touch sensitive screens, full digital set up, ‘On Air’ glass screen lights. Within 30 minutes a live feed was going out from school on a loop advertising the show later that day. Russell sat me down and we talked through what the show might look like, how many pupils could be involved, what would be discussed and other staff that could be involved too! It was shaping up to be an awesome event and one which not only the pupils were getting excited about!

Tweets were flying around the Twittersphere and texts were being sent home making sure that as many people were able to tune in at 2pm as possible. The first part the pupils were involved in were creating a ‘jingle’ for the show. A selection of pupils from Key Stage 2 were selected and the jingle was complete and included in the already ‘Live’ radio loop.

After tucking into a hearty sandwich at lunchtime, we were able to begin getting the pupils introduced to the kit and the rules of broadcasting. I know from watching the pupils when the BBC1 Live crew came to Heathfield that this was very exciting for the pupils. To watch an expert demonstrate the technology before them in person was one of their highlights from the whole day. Just before 2pm, we assembled the pupils in a green room where they were able to listen to the show and bang on 2pm, Russell took to the waves and I instantly saw how Russell was designed to do what he was doing. With the ease of a seasoned professional, the show began with a short interview with myself about how blogging began at Heathfield. After a music break (Take That) the real stars of the show took to the mics. Listening to the pupils talk so openly about how blogging had impacted their learning was possible one of the proudest moments in my teaching career. We were the rudely interrupted by a text from the tour manager of Take That who had picked up on a tweet. He just wanted to wish us well and thanked us for our great taste in music!

The pupils took over the show as they were grilled by Russell. Please visit Russell’s website here to listen to the podcast.

Before this day, I thought ‘School Radio’ was something that was outdated – How wrong was I? This tool to aid speaking, presenting, planning, writing and organisational skills is something I am going to look into further.

My advice – Get in contact with Russell at and see what he can do for you

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  1. John McLear
    June 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    I listened in to most of this day and I must say it was absolutely fantastic. Great work to everyone involved.

    It was amazing how great the kids articulated their love for blogging and I for one felt extremely proud of everything you have accomplished at your school!

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