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My afternoon in Reception/EYFS

It’s not often I get asked to teach in Reception Class. There may be a very good reason why too! However, on Wednesday afternoon I got the pleasure of teaching our little gems for a full afternoon. The planning was done and I had a Learning Assistant who was working on creating a magic carpet, I was able to work with one group of six at a time and free to experiment with some technology and see what happened.

I was armed with an iPad, a Stereophones wireless listening station and Purplemash on the IWB. I was not surprised at all to find that the children took to using the iPad just like my 3 year old daughter did – with total ease. Their faces as they moved around the classroom with their wireless headset was a joy to watch as was letting them experiment with creating Butterflies with the symmetry tool on Purplemash.

What did I learn?

Well, I learned that I could survive in an environment where many people possibly think that experienced Key Stage 2  practitioners can’t and I also learned that pupils are never too young to be supported by technology.

I would love to see a set of 6 iPads being let loose in Reception that’s for sure and wonder if this has been done?


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  1. Sarah
    February 13, 2011 at 6:47 am #

    Hi Mr. Mitchell,
    My comment has nothing to do with teaching in reception – although it looks like they’re having a great time.
    I have recently started following you since the launch of your Quad Blogging idea which I heard about from Pam Thompson. Fantastic idea – I shall be signing my class up soon!
    I am from the UK but am teaching in New Zealand at the moment but will be returning to the UK at the end of this year. I was dreading coming back as I have been enjoying the freedom of the NZ curriculum and enjoying using a whole host of technologies which I have been introduced to. I have been trying to work out how I could use these in the UK with its ridiculously over the top health and safety requirements and the ever increasing prescriptive curriculum. Having seen what you are achieving in the UK and having read the article in the independent, I am inspired and feel that there is clearly a way to overcome the issues. I am sure I will be looking to you for guidance upon my return in overcoming the barriers that the UK seems intent in putting up.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Sue
    February 14, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    Monday 14 th February 8.22am Just watching you all on Breakfast. Brilliant idea!! – and well done to all the pupils, not only for turning up so early, but also for their great writing!

    Sue B. Ilkley………..

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