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My 2011 Edublog Award Nominations

I’ve not done this before but have a few nominations I need to make. I have been very lucky to have been nominated for a few awards and there are some people out there who really deserve this special mention.

1. Best Individual Blog: Steve Wheeler (aka @Timbuckteeth)
His blog: Learning with e’s
I find Steve’s posts challenging, entertaining and throughout provoking.

2. Best Individual Tweeter: Julian Wood (aka @ideas_factory)
He does exactly what his Twitter id says on the tin! Full of ideas and not only that, his educational practice drips with creativity.

3. Best ed tech/resource sharing blog: Simon Haughton (@simonhaughton)
His Blog: This guy works tirelessly to share his wonderful ideas. He inspires me every time I visit his blog or read his tweets.

4. Lifetime Achievement: Tim Rylands (@timrylands)
Tim shares time, resources, ideas, experience and passion in a way that just inspires people to do the same. Tim’s passion for creativity stretches back years and years into the depths of analogity. His blog can be found here: Possibly the best thing you’ll do today if you don’t know of Tim is to click on that link.

5. Best educational use of social media: The 100 Word Challenge by Julia Skinner (aka @theheadsoffice)

Details of The 100 Word Challenge can be found here.
Each week a new prompt is written and 100s of pupils upload their 100 words to try and get comments and special mentions from Julia and her team of enthusiastic commenters! I just LOVE this project and love the fact that the impact is huge and growing too!

6. Best New Blog: Has to go to the Plymouth University Primary Blogs The brain child from Pete Yeomans (aka @ethinking) and Oliver Quinlan (@oliverquinlan)

Trainee teachers are now blogging their way through their experiences of deep learning. I can’t tell you how POWERFUL this is for the profession! A great idea is one thing but setting it up, enthusing the pupils to do it another thing and then the promotion of guiding audience to it is just another!

So, there we are…
I have a few more to add over the next couple of days but why not do this yourself? If you fancy making some nominations, please visit the EduBlog Awards page here

Good luck to everyone I have nominated!

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  1. Adrian Bradshaw
    November 27, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    Dave, I agree with all of these. They make Blogging seem simple.
    However as I want to embrace it myself so I might share the knowledge, I know it can be hard. I am not a natural Blogger and need to learn that skill. I have ideas to share but just don’t seem able to settle easily and do it. How can we get children to blog if we cannot do it? I find it difficult, and I am a technophile, then children will too.

    I wish your nominees all the best. They’re deserved.

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