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My 10 Golden Apps

I’m often asked about my favourite Apps for use in class with students. Over the year, I have favourites, some come and go, but here are a list of ten that remain my firm favourites.

Animoto A lovely app to create professional looking videos from pictures taken in your class
Audioboo Ultra slick audio recording app that allows you to embed or share the audio.
Linoit A sticky notice board that allows you to add post it notes.
Thinglink Make pictures come alive with audio, text and pictures embedded within a picture.
Voicethread Capture multiple audio recordings arouns=d one single stimulus.
Coveritlive A writing window that allows you to share images, video and audio simultaneously.
Explain Everything An iPad screen capturing tool.
Socrative A class response app which is REALLY simple to use.
WordPress The best blogging app out there
Skitch Allow you to annotate pictures taken. Extremely powerful when linked to your projector through Apple TV or Airserver.

To view the Oxford University Press resources on Tablets and Apps I produced, please see this link.

February 3, 2014

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