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How to secure your Uniservity VLE even further!

As many ICT Co-ordinators know, teachers are not the best at changing passwords from the original they are given when their account for their School’s VLE or email when it has been set up. With this in mind, I wonder how many accounts are left with password as the password? It would be very easy for someone to look through the public section of a school’s VLE and find the names of some staff in the ‘Meet the Staff’ section. Head on over to the log in box and enter the login and try password!! Especially children who know the login pattern to Uniservity!

My advice for all ICT Co-ordinators or teachers that are leading VLE development is to issue guidance to all staff to change their password IMMEDIATELY from the original one supplied. Sounds a little far fetched but there will be people out there right now trying get access !

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