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How I’m using ‘Epic Citadel’ iPad App with 10 year olds.

I wouldn’t know anything about the App or what to do with it without watching and speaking to Tim Rylands and without speaking to Pete Richardson at a Teachmeet in Blackpool:

Last week Heathfield got hold of our first piece of handheld kit – an iPad! We used a great App called Epic Citadel by Unreal Technology to introduce the pupils to a strange place and revealed more information little by little and the pupils wrote what they could see, hear, touch, smell and taste. I asked the six pupils to add some of their writing on this post as comments. I have added a few screen shots to help them remember and also help those not in my afternoon groups see what is going on! I have recorded a quick screen cast showing screen shots and a narrative of where we went.

I now look forward to some comments from some of the 6 pupils involved on Friday. These comments will describe this place and possibly feelings too.

This is just the start of this writing project that will take us up to the Christmas break. Apologies for my quiet voice, it was late and I didn’t want to wake people up! I hope you enjoy this project as it develops.

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