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My #GTAUK ‘WOW’ moment!

Throughout the next week I will publish quite a few blog posts about my experiences and learning at the sensational Google Teacher Academy UK on 29th July 2010.

As part of the reflection activity, I was asked to share my ‘WOW’ moment of the day. The most challenging part of this was selecting just one! This is what I shared:

I had been talking to @Ianaddison during the morning about what our expectations were for the day. I knew I was coming down to London knowing a few things but not many! I could teach (kind of!) I could blog and as far as Google was concerned, I could search! The first item on the agenda for the day was ‘Search’! I don’t know about everyone else but I was thinking this session would be fairly basic and a good place to start the day with Google tools.

It only took 10 seconds of Lisa’s presentation for my jaw to drop to the floor! There was my WOW moment! I couldn’t search!

Lisa took us through the process of searching using the ‘Wonder Wheel’ and ‘Timeline’ features of Google search and how you could use Higher Order Questioning Skills to change the way we search and how we display the results.

Why not have a go?

Open a Google search for anything and when you have the results page, scroll down and on the left you will see ‘Wonder Wheel’. This will display the different related search terms, the if you select ‘Timeline’ from the left menu you’ll see all the results displayed in exactly that! Couple this with displaying a search to children like this you unlock a whole range of alternative learning!

Full details here.

Possibly not the most jaw dropping moment of the day however, it really was an eye opener for me as to what the day had instore for me. There I was sat there thinking ‘I can do this’ and BANG! I hadn’t a clue!

What a day! What a great bunch of people! What GREAT presenters!


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  1. Dianne Spencer
    July 30, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    So looking forward to seeing the amazing impact this training will have on our teachers and our children!

  2. Fern
    September 29, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    Mr.Mitchell came into our school the day after and he wouldnt stop talking about it (haha) Never the less, Mr.Mitchell said that he would teach us more about Google just like he has learned. He said that he was fasonated by all the big screens and didnt want to leave. It only took him several seconds for his jaw to drop to the floor.


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