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Good teachers are learning conductors…

Teachers… We have LA Review Days, OFSTED Inspections, Parents’ Evenings, Lesson Observations, Playground Duties, Meetings and so much more. Sometimes I hear people struggling to find a reason to carry on. There is not a day goes by in my job when I am not reminded how lucky I am to be working in such a privileged position. I am finding more and more that the most successful learning experiences I see happen are as a result of finding the right tool for the job. Just take this blog post by two of my Year 6 pupils after working with Pie Corbett for an hour:

Just read those comments from not just Pie Corbett (which are just sensational) but from the pupils too! I hardly did anything in that lesson. All I did do however, was bring in a tool (Coveritlive) and Pie Corbett. The results can only be described as magical. The more I teach, the more I am realising that I hold a conductors baton. I bring in the tools and the people at the right time. When it is done right, the results are pure musical gold, the beauty of the blog is that it records these tracks that they can be played back over and over again!

Tomorrow, I head down to London to visit Dawn Hallybone’s school (Oakdale Juniors). Here both myself and a colleague are going to experience yet another tool – the use of games to support learning.

Another tool!


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