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Global Tagging and Evidence of School Improvement

I was first introduced to global tagging by John Sutton about 6 months ago and thought this was worth sharing. A really detailed blog post by John (certainly worth reading) can be viewed here.

If you have a Multi Site blog, with class blogs set up, you have some additional power that you might not have come across. You probably know about tagging, but if you don’t, tagging posts is one of the most useful things you can do to blog posts. Not only do Search Engines use Tags to find and list your blog posts, tagging posts also make it much easier to find blog posts. Some of my class blogs have had 5000+ blog posts on them, finding one can be tricky if you don’t tag them!

However, there is a powerful plugin out there – WordPress Multi Site Global Site Tags. This, installed on your blog homepage will pull together tags from all over your Multi Site platform allowing you to gather evidence from across your school to show school improvement. Especially valuable for the more complex areas to evidence. Look what Claremont Primary School in Blackpool (UK) have done. They have evidenced their work on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) and you can see the work from across the WHOLE school here.

One thing I have tried to do with my blogs over the last 4 years of blogging is to take as many pictures as possible of children showing the characteristics of effective learning. Whenever I see a child working conscientiously as an independent learner, I take a picture and post it. Whenever I see a child working effectively collaborating in a group, I take a picture and post it. I have seen some extremely powerful results from doing this over time. This approach models the behaviours that I wish to see, it models the learning behaviours that I value. The results are dramatic, pupils begin to work towards these behaviours without them even knowing about it. By tagging these pictures with learning behaviours or just behaviour, you can evidence something that is almost impossible to evidence just by adding a simple tag to any post. So long as you have the Global Site Tag plugin installed, you are only one click away from some quite valuable evidence.

Once you have the global Site Plugin installed, head to your widgets section on your homepage dashboard, locate the plugin as shown in the picture here:

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 20.59.46

Drag it over to the sidebar and you will be able to evidence the once un-evidencable!

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