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Want to raise the profile of homework in your school/class?

Whilst on Twitter tonight, I came across John Mclear’s Classdroid App for Android. This little gem allows you to set up a very quickly a class list linked to a blog or a blog for each name. You take a picture of some work, grade it our of 5 stars and it uploads automatically to their blog! In just 3 taps on your Android phone!!

I’m going to set up a Year 6 Homework blog. Each time homework is given in, I’ll take a photo of it, rate it and post it. This way, parents can see very quickly that it has been handed in and a rough idea on the grade. If further comment is needed then a traditional comment could be added.


Very quick, parental engagement, wider audience, potential for comments.


Parents can see other pupils’ work, Further comment could be time consuming, I’m using my phone for school use.

It’s worth a try in my opinion! I will report back to let you know how I get on. I’m off to set the blog up!!


After a few days of playing and experimenting with Classdroid and fixing mistakes that I was making on the setup of the blog, I can now say that the homework blog is set up:

Year 6 Homework Blog

The first set of homework is now online and it took 7 minutes for the displayed posts to all be uploaded from my HTC Desire. As my ‘raising the profile of homework’ project is positive based, I have decided that only 4 and 5 stars will be used. Any homework graded at 4 stars will have a comment on the blog from me with a next steps type comment. I have told the children that sometimes not all homework will always get a comment but other pupils and visitors may comment.

When I demoed the blog and how it worked to the pupils, it was one of those magical moments where jaws dropped, gasps of disbelief and lots of questions about how it works. Even one question about the price of an Android phone!!

Please visit the homework blog if you have time and feel free to comment on any of the homework displayed.

Issues faced when setting this up:

– All bloggers must be authors for their posts to be uploaded.
– Your camera settings must have a resolution good enough to be able to see the pictures but not too high as to clog your site with gb’s of data!
– Check which way up your camera is (landscape or portrait), took me a while to work that one out!


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  1. John McLear
    September 9, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    Thanks Mr Mitchell, I appreciate the comments. To answer some of the Cons:

    a) Parents can see other pupils’ work. You can setup individual pupil blogs, you don’t need to type in the user/pass multiple times, just click use default configuration!

    b) Comments wouldn’t take any longer than commenting by pen on a sheet of paper and they have many more benefits. Comments/rewards can be linked to other online platforms such as a micro reward platform so the child can measure their performancerewards.

    c) LG Optimus’ are now available for < £100 off contract so when connected to the school wireless network make for a perfect solution, not to mention all the other great uses for a high powered android device!

    All the above is my opinion. If I got something wrong then please let me know!

    • Mr Mitchell
      September 9, 2010 at 7:42 am #

      I’m not really wanting to set up individual blogs just yet but love this concept! This post was just initial thoughts and no doubt with helpful comments like yours I’ll be able to develop this further! Thanks fir the comment.


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