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Creating a ‘Well Done Blog’ to change a culture

Many of you reading this will know about the Well Done Blog I created back in September 2011. For those that don’t know about it, here’s some contextual information behind why I started it. After starting my Acting Headship in September 2011, I became aware very quickly that I was being visited by pupils which resulted in dealing with behavioural issues on a ratio of 10:1. That’s for every 10 pupils I was dealing with negative behaviour, I was visited by 1 pupil for positive behaviour.

I told the pupils in my 2nd assembly as Acting Head that I would blog about ANY child sent to me for positive things and challenged them to get sent to me! The results were and still are quite amazing. Within hours of that assembly, the ratio had completely reversed. Now it was 1:10 where for every one child that I was seeing for negative behaviour, I was seeing 10 pupils for positive behaviour. This was quite a culture shift and this took place over night. Even though I am no longer Acting Head teacher, I still maintain the well done blog and although I’m not in the position to run it as smoothly as I was, the pupils take much more of a hands on approach now. When I say hands on – they just ask me for my phone as they have already decided on the way to see me, how they would like to have their reason blogged about!

If your Headteacher or Principle can’t see the benefit of changing a culture at your school. Why not have a go yourself. It will only take a few moments of your playtime and lunchtimes but the impact you could have will leave you amazed!

It’s simple… With tools like:

Classdroid: which allows easy upload from an Android phone to your blog in only 4 taps on your screen.
Pixlr-o-Matic: Which take a little more time but allows you to add filters and frames to pictures taken on your phone.
Audioboo: This allows you to record audio and upload to be embedded. It is just beautifully simple!

Go on… I challenge you to have a go. It doesn’t matter what position you are in at your school, go and lead from it! The results will ASTONISH you!


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  1. Wendy Cathie
    February 22, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    What a fab idea to challenge them. I’ve set up a good news blog but I think I’m going to challenge them also. It’s my assembly first day back, looking forward to it.

  2. Bruce W
    February 22, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    It’s something that I started earlier this school year after seeing your blog and I have to say that it’s fantastic. Nothing quite like getting comments from parents serving in Afghanistan or grandparents in NZ to make you realise how special it all is.

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