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Coveritlive and the Primary Classroom

Along time ago now, back in January 2010 the UK was hit by some of the worst snow in living memory (I’m only 36!). During this week when most schools in the north on the UK were closed the teaching profession was being battered by the press. I was determined to send a message out to our pupils and parents that what they were reading and watching in the news was just utter rubbish.

I recall a conversation with John Sutton (@HGJohn) about what tools could be used to provide remote/online lessons through our new school blog. During this conversation Coveritlive was mentioned. During the next few hours I played around with it and was ultra impressed not only that it was free, but it was embeddable and simple to use. The next day I set up a session linked to snow activities and ever since then I have used it for a variety of things and not just for school either.

Through a Coveritlive session you can: share videos, audio, links, polls, text, pictures, share twitter hashtags and many other things. I mainly used it to develop LiteracyWriting skills with my pupils. They LOVED using it and each week would go on and on and on at me to put a session live on that week. Here is a selection of how I used Coveritlive last year in my Year 6 Class.

Year 6 Coveritlive sessions.

Year 5 Coveritlive sessions used during the World Cup just to watch the football (soccer) together!

Ways I have used Coveritlive to cover major events and Twitter hashtags in one place.

I plan to use Coveritlive again this year to develop learning. My pupils are even more enthusiastic than last year and I owe it to them to keep them interested and engaged.

Have you used it? Can you see a use for it?

October 27, 2010

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  1. Miss Lotriet
    October 28, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this before!

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