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Chorlton ICT Spring Conference Links

Below, you will find my very simple Prezi and all the links to some fantastic blog posts that I will be showcasing during my presentation at Chorlton Park Primary School on 24th March 2011. The Prezi is just for my benefit to keep me on track but thought it best to share:


The day the German Embassy popped in.
Year 4 link with a school in Australia
Project Blogs:
Pandora Writing Blog – Inspired by Avatar
Kensuke’s Kingdom Writing Blog
The Island: 1 to 1 Tuition Writing Blog
Using Coveritlive in the classoom
Using Coveritlive outside the classroom!
Ask your audience who and where they are?
Voicethread to perform
Voicethread to peer assess
Voicethread to teacher asses – Teachers from all over the globe!
Using Audioboo to capture magic
Using Photopeach in Reception to engage parents
Binyameen’s writing being used by other teachers
Raja gets help from Guatamala with his Howler Monkey Project
Thomas puts his Art Portfolio online

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