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Bing Bong Zong!

We play a great game in Year 6 called Bing Bong Zong. This is a great game for developing mental recall of multiplication facts in a fun way that the children love!

Here are the rules:

  • You need 2 players.
  • Face each other and tap your legs with both hands say ‘”Bing Bong Zong.”
  • After you have said “Zong” display a number with your hands from 1 to 10. (You are not allowed to display 0).
  • As both children will have displayed a number each, you must multiply the two numbers and call out the number.
  • The person who calls out the correct number first gets one point.
  • To simplify, you can just display a number on one hand so the highest calculation will be 5 x 5.

Below is a video of pupils in Year 6 playing Bing Bong Zong. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we do!

Untitled from HeathfieldCPS on Vimeo.

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