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BBC Radio Shropshire Blogging Piece

Late yesterday I was approached by the production team at BBC Radio Shropshire to see if I would be willing to speak on their morning radio show with Jim Hawkins about how blogging has helped children read and write. The reason why they were discussing this was down to a young 10 year old blogger called Matthew Swain who is blogging about books he is reading hoping to encourage other boys to down their computer games and pick up books! Matthew’s Mum (Heather Maskill)came on before me explaining why they supported Matthew in his quest to blog his views on books, authors and reading to the world. I was BLOWN away by her passion and views about social media and indeed this was food for my soul and my mission!

Please drop by Matthew’s Blog and drop him a comment of encouragement.

Here is the radio interview that Simon Haughton kindly grabbed for me. I am waiting for the full section from the show to be sent to me by the producers.

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  1. Johnty
    September 27, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    Top stuff DM! 🙂

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