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Audioboo to record discussions about writing…

I was looking back through old Audioboo recordings of children in my previous classes (in preparation for a workshop I’m delivering) and stumbled across a number of Audioboos by Thomas and Liam. When using Audioboo to record discussions, Thomas and Liam really pulled out the stops. In fact, they actively discussed issues in their writing hoping to get recorded. Here are a few Audioboos that I recorded of discussions about editing their writing:

Discussing a great opening to a persuasive text:

A 5 minute discussion about one word in their writing:

Thomas and Liam working out 31.6 multiplied by 7:

Thomas and Liam discuss the troubles in Egypt:

You can download the Audioboo app for free and it can even be synced to your blog so that it will auto blog your recordings!

March 5, 2014

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