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Around the world in 28 days…

…And what a 28 days it has been. Our World Cup Blog project has now finished and we have seen 105 countries visit in this time and from some countries that I never knew existed! Here is the flag counter from the blog:

As you will know form my previous posts, HeathfieldCPS have been involved in a Blogging project called ‘Blog The World Cup’

HeathfieldCPS were given the Germany team to blog about, please see the blog here: Germany Blog Our Year 6’s as you may probably be aware have taken to blogging like @Dughall and @Joga5 have taken to presenting! They have produced a sensational blog this year. I left working with Year 6 after SATs and began to work with our Future Year 6’s. I wanted to get the Year 5 pupils really enthused with blogging and then this project appeared!

From a teacher’s perspective, I took a risk, a big risk! I scrapped all my final half term planning 24 hours before the term began and decided to throw myself and my pupils into the project. If everything flopped then I knew I would have my original planning to go back to. I have also been empowered by my Headteacher to take risks!

So, the process began of linking Numeracy areas/topics and Literacy genres to Germany and the World Cup. This was really fun, I felt like the chains were off! From this moment, I embarked on the best 4 weeks of teaching and learning in my career!


There have been many highlights in this 4 weeks and here are some of them:

We had 2 visits from the German Embassy in London. Cord Meier-Klodt left two messages for our pupils and what comments they were too!
1st comment
2nd comment

We used Wallwisher twice, once at the start of the project to allow people to tell us where they had been to Germany:

The 2nd time to gauge people’s reactions to Germany’s thrilling victory over Argentina:

We used Voicethread 5 times, this one was used to collect people’s thoughts and feelings after Germany beat England:

This Voicethread is still work in progress and is currently being used to reflect over the whole topic:

We have used Coveritlive twice during Germany football games to enable the children to chat to each other and help them write their match reports:
Germany v Ghana:

Germany v Spain:

We have used Photopeach to display various pieces of work:

We used PrimaryPad to write a collaborative non-chronological report on Germany:

Overall, this has been a Web2.0 extravaganza and the learning has been just great! I can’t think of a better project that could have prepared our Year 5s for their blogging journey in Year 6!


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  1. jfb57
    July 13, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Just wanted to pop in & congratulate you all – the children & Mr. Mitchell! I had great fun sharing your project with you & look forward to joining you in you Year 6 adventures!
    Have a lovely holiday!

  2. mandared
    August 5, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    This project has been inspirational for me, as well as for your students! My own attempts at getting a year 9 class blogging were spectacularly unsuccessful, but they do now have at least some idea of what a blog is (most of them had no idea) and the success of BTWC makes me determined to have another go next year!

    • Mr Mitchell
      August 5, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

      Thank you very much for your kind words! The pupils loved the project and it really helped our Year 5 pupils get prepared for their year 6 blog from September! Once again, thanks for the kind comment and good luck with your project. Just remember that blogging does take time to establish. If I or my pupils can help then let mr know? You could always get your pupils to join mine in a Coveritlive session during school time!?


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