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Anthologize plugin to create the analogue of the digital!

A few people who were present at the Silverstone Blogging Masterclass at the back end of 2011 saw the look in my eyes as Peter Ford was showcasing Anthologize.

Now this little plugin has AWESOME potential. My eyes were dripping with ideas as Peter showed how simple it was to produce a pdf booklet of various posts from a blog. In my first attempt after installing the plugin, I wanted to create a pdf of all the post Binyameen made last year as a ‘Year of Blogging’ by Binyameen. It took all of 3 minutes and here is the document below:

Present this bound document with a QR Code of his ‘tag’ on the front and you have the perfect leaver’s gift for a Year 6 pupils who is leaving Heathfield.

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