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A true test of a Leadership Partnership

My Headteacher (@DianneSpencer) and I have been at the Last Drop Village Hotel today coaching each other through the next stages of development for our School (@HeathfieldCPS). The two days we have done so far have been inspiring, challenging, enlightening and rewarding. We are very different however, our Leadership partnership is strong and laid on solid foundations.

Many thing impress me about my Headteacher, possibly most of all, the ability to bring an unopened box (two layered) of Milk Tray to our last Strategic Leadership Day, only to show me it at the end of the day and say “Oh heck, I forgot about these!” and then a full week later, bring the same box back again… UNOPENED!! Personally, I think it was a different box but hey…

The true test of a Leadership Partnership is demonstrated when you place a full box of Milk Tray in front of your Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Try it! Not only will they love you but you will witness something that will tell you LOADS about their partnership! Today, both Dianne and I were faced with this challenge! We’ve known each other long enough now not to be polite for the sake of it so, we both dived in! From a spectator’s point of view it wasn’t pleasant however, the result was truly remarkable! Now I’m not ashamed to say this but I went straight for my favourites… Orange Crescents, Strawberry Creams, Fudges and Caramels, what seemed like ages (possibly as long as 30 seconds) we both looked up to find all the chocolates had vanished! Little did I know that Dianne had also headed straight to her favourites! Without even knowing it, we had not just passed the Milk Tray Leadership Challenge but we had quite possibly raised the bar to a different level altogether! Do we make a good team? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

So there you have it! I challenge you to take the Leadership Partnership Milk Tray Challenge (LPMTC).


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